Podcast – How Artists Can Navigate the Digital Economy with Freemium and Crowdfunding Tactics

In late August 2011, I taped some audio from a great live event we did at the Media Education Foundation in Northampton about artists navigating the digital economy – both the struggles and the success stories. The event was hosted … Continue reading

FFCA Podcast – The Business of eBooks for Self-Publishers: Why Kindle is Overrated for Sales, and the Pros and Cons of Digital Rights Management (DRM)

In his return to the Free From Corporate America podcast series, Morris Rosenthal of FonerBooks.com talks with Jon Reed about the business of eBooks and how self-publishers can add an eBooks revenue stream by selling eBooks from their own marketing … Continue reading

FFCA Podcast – The Myth of Blogging Traffic, Debunking Page Rank, and Self-Publishing Success

In the series reboot of the FFCA Podcast Series, Jon Reed welcomes Morris Rosenthal of FonerBooks.com and the author of Print On Demand Book Publishing for a totally unscripted conversation on web business and self-publishing. Listen in as Jon and … Continue reading

First-Ever Radio Interview for Free From Corporate America

In February of 2007, I did my first-ever radio interview for Free From Corporate America. It took me a few months to pull the audio together for irritating reasons that aren’t worth dwelling on here. But it’s now ready to … Continue reading