About the changes coming to this web site

Being quite pre-occupied with my re-invention as a multi-media journalist in the enteprise tech and software space, I have not been posting much to Free From Corporate America. In the meantime, my main writing web site, jonreed.net, took a big hit when its file structure was abandoned by my web host. So for now, I’ll be posting some content to Free From Corporate America that is not as targeted to the themes of the book.

On the plus side, you’ll get a bit more content this way, plus a deeper view into some of the motivations and subversive ideas that inspired the site in the first place. I’ll let you be the judge if you enjoy this content. I’m not sure if a clear theme will emerge. I plan on doing some podcasting here from time to time because the site handles that well. Perhaps some key themes will emerge as we go. I’m hoping to do more with music journalism and the adventures of artists in general as they attempt to grapple their way in a global economy that doesn’t exactly bestow money on content creation for its own sake.

Free free to unsubscribe now if the content you get from here on out doesn’t resonate. I sincerely hope it does. As always I will strive for originality and excellence, quality over quantity, and slow-cooked creations.

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