First-Ever Radio Interview for Free From Corporate America

In this 45 minute interview, Shel and I touch on a number of topics that are central to the book, including what it takes to break away from the corporate grind.

In February of 2007, I did my first-ever radio interview for Free From Corporate America. It took me a few months to pull the audio together for irritating reasons that aren’t worth dwelling on here.

But it’s now ready to play or download:

It’s a pretty large file (10 megs, 45 minute interview), so if you do the “play” option by clicking on the previous link, make sure you have some time and also a broadband connection. Dial-up folks should probably download the file first and then listen to it (right click on the link above and do “save target as” to save on most computers, or save in similar fashion).

The interview was broadcast by Valley Free Radio, based out of Northampton, Massachusetts. The host was Shel Horowitz, and I appeared as part of his weekly “Principled Profits” radio program on ethical business.

In this 45 minute interview, Shel and I touch on a number of topics that are central to the themes of the book, including:

- the origins of the book and the hard business lessons that went into it.

- why the era of white collar outsourcing (and how to respond to it) is integral to this book’s themes.

- the dream of getting beyond the corporate grind and what it takes to break away.

- the formation of my own company and how that changed my economic terms of engagement.

- the key tactics outlined in the book:

1. the importance of taking a chance on your passions but also finding a market for the work you love most.

2. distinguishing between “true assets” and “false assets”.

3. transitioning the “employee’s mindset” to the “owner’s mindset.”

4. why you don’t have to start your own business to change your economic fortunes, and the importance of branding yourself and not your employer.

- how the outsourcing of the information worker is changing the workforce and the nature of the corporate contract.

- how to respond to the loss of a job or to an employment shifts in your industry, and the importance of making pro-active skills changes.

- whether it’s possible to be ethical in business and also achieve financial success.

- why small companies may be more ethical than large ones.

- how the Internet can make it easier to market-test business ideas and accelerate the feedback loop.

I’d like to thank Shel for having me as a guest and I hope folks enjoy the interview!

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