FFCA Podcast – The Business of eBooks for Self-Publishers: Why Kindle is Overrated for Sales, and the Pros and Cons of Digital Rights Management (DRM)

In his return to the Free From Corporate America podcast series, Morris Rosenthal of FonerBooks.com talks with Jon Reed about the business of eBooks and how self-publishers can add an eBooks revenue stream by selling eBooks from their own marketing platform. Morris, the author of Print on Demand Book Publishing, also has a YouTube video channel for self-publishers that is referenced in this podcast.

During this forty minute, unscripted conversation, Jon asks Morris about how he found success with eBook sales, whether eBook sales impacts his traditional book sales, and why he decided to publish eBooks without DRM. Morris also talks about the limitations of trendy digital reading gadgets like Kindle for self-publishers from a revenue standpoint.

Other topics covered in this podcast include:

- Why Morris embeds live URL links in his eBooks.

‘- Which eBook topics are “sellable” for self-publishers and which topics (e.g. fiction) should be avoided.

- How eBooks extend Morris’ books sales internationally.

- Different eBook business models, from the unethical to the naive to the most effective.

- How much content within the eBook Morris gives away and how to make judgements about “free content for traffic” versus giving your books away.

- The distinction between hard-selling tactics and building “virtual trust” with potential readers.

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You can also get a discounted version of the final book in eBook (PDF) format, or you can pick up a copy on the Kindle. The published version of the book is significantly enhanced from the web version available on this site.

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