Reviews for Free From Corporate America, by Jon Reed

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Morris Rosenthal, Publisher,

“Freedom from a regular paycheck is not a typical goal, but as the days of lifetime employment in a paternalistic corporation come to a close, preparing for that freedom becomes a crucial career step. Rather than tossing off empty platitudes about doing what you love and letting the rest fall into place, Jon Reed brings balance to that voyage into independence.

“The Internet has brought budding entrepreneurs a way to test market their ideas before mortgaging the house to pursue opportunities that may not exist in the real world. Jon encourages readers to start their journey into entrepreneurialism before a pink slip or burnout forces the issue. Following Jon’s recommendations to establish an independent platform in your field will help you in your current career and in the process of building your own business.”

Will Katz, Director, University of Kansas Small Business Development Center:

“Can you really handle the TRUTH? The world is changing fast and Jon Reed is here to tell you about it. This book will help you examine what you want out of your career and what you want out of your LIFE. Do you really want to defer your dreams until you retire? The truth is that we all know people with six-figure incomes who are basically high-class wage slaves. The real challenge we all face is to figure out how to live our lives on our own terms. Free From Corporate America will transform the way you look at your work, your life, and how you integrate the two.”