Making Fun of Business Plans, Venture Capital, and Multi-Level Marketing

December 30, 2007: Jon had some recent debates about topics in this chapter, including an MLM guy hot on his heels, which inspired this new Free From Corporate America podcast. Standard Podcast [ 22:02 ] Play Now | Play in … Continue reading

The Internet Changes Everything – Or Maybe Not

December 23, 2007:  In his most personal podcast on this site, Jon uses the hard-won examples of his own web sites to talk about how the Internet can be used as a “feedback loop” to affordably market test new ideas. … Continue reading

Reckoning With Your Balance Sheet

December 16, 2007: check out Jon’s podcast update to this chapter, where he explains his approach to finance in the context of “freeing yourself from corporate America.” Standard Podcast [ 16:49 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download … Continue reading

Chase Skills, Not Dollars (and Management is for Suckers)

February 4, 2008: Returning to the FFCA podcast show after some travels, Jon added this podcast update to one of his favorite chapters, in which he talks about how you can dramatically change your career path by focusing on skills … Continue reading

Moving Beyond the Cult of the Expert

December 9, 2007: check out Jon’s podcast update to this chapter. Standard Podcast [ 14:04 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download To free yourself from corporate America, you need to join the cult of the expert, and … Continue reading