FFCA Audiobook Launch – Book Foreword by Rachel Meyers

As we head toward the end of the year since the book was released, I’ve decided to commemorate this by releasing an audiobook version of the book in its entirety, read by yours truly. Eventually, I’ll make it possible to access all the book chapters within iTunes, but for now, you can listen to them here as they come out.

I’m recording these chapters mistakes and all, but the first one came out pretty good, with a decent sound quality, so I hope you enjoy! This one also includes a brief intro by me where I talk about why I’m doing an audiobook version and how I plan to approach it.

I think Rachel Meyers did a great job on the foreword; it was fun to try to bring her words to life.

Download and subscription options: you can download (and subscribe to) all the chapters in the audio book (free) either in our iTunes store or with our audio book RSS feed.

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