FFCA Audiobook Post 13 – The Law of Accumulation

I’ve been thinking about the “Law of Accumulation,” the 13th Free From Corporate America complete audio book installment, a lot lately. As I say in the book, it is terrifying to get to know this law, because unlike some of the other principles in this book, it is in effect whether we want it to be or not. One thing I have thought about since this book came out is that distinction between hobbies and pursuits that could have market value. It’s true that sometimes our passions can line up with the marketplace. The more financially stable we are, the more margin for error we have developing assets with little obvious market value.

Of course, the catch is that the real home runs in terms of wealth often come from these devil-may-care projects that appear to have no market value now or in the future. So by all means, if you find it freeing, pursue it – but it’s good to respect the balance between our passions and what is marketable. The feedback loop with our audience will help us a lot with that, and I get into that concept later in the book. So when I classify techo jams and knitting as hobbies, take it with a grain of salt. In my own town, there is a successful knitting store. But I doubt there could be four of them.

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