FFCA Audiobook Post 14 – What if You Don’t Want to Start Your Own Business?

As I wrote this book, I heard from readers who dismissed the ideas because they didn’t want to start their own business. In chapter 14 of my complete audiobook recording of Free From Corporate America, I dig into why the shifting economy requires a response from all of us, whether or not we end up starting our own firms. I also lay the groundwork for later chapters where I will talk about how to put these concepts to work at your current employer.

During the recording of this chapter, I was reminded just how much I have seen people separate themselves and increase their relative job security by taking a different mindset into the workplace, thinking more like owners and less like employees. Of course, you can’t delude yourself into thinking you own things you don’t, but you can certainly find more strategic ways to further your interests on and off the job. This book gets into that in more detail. I also take stock of the book so far in the first of several “gut checks,” this one coming at the end of this recording.

Download and subscription options: you can download (and subscribe to) all the chapters in the audio book (free) either in our iTunes store or with our audio book RSS feed.

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