FFCA Audiobook Post 12 – Stealing Time Versus Paying the Rent

It was fun to read this chapter again as I recorded it, amidst a slew of new struggles around time, and remind myself that the way I got this book written is revealed in this chapter. I like this chapter because the ideas around stealing time seem kind of evil and secretive. At the same time, we’re being ruthlessly practical here: how can we build a better life in the midst of our current one, when time and money are probably at a premium?

There’s a “no excuses” mentality that comes in here, as we realize that this approach to creating assets not only works, but it works when all our friends would surely pat us on the back and say, “Don’t give yourself a hard time, you’re way too busy to do something like that right now.” That kind of reassurance can be comforting but in the end, we are not heading in the right direction when we allow those comforts to excuse us for fighting for our asset creations – and in many cases, fighting for our solitude. Not to mention our belief in ourselves.

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