FFCA Audiobook Post 11- Time is the Ultimate Commodity

Taping Free From Corporate America audio book installment ten, “Time is the Ultimate Commodity,” I was reminded of how true it is that the new success is about how much control we have over our time and how we choose to allocate our life energy. The less control over that we have, the harder we work for employers who will gladly consume all our investment, the less success we have in our lives – even if the money is good. The only exceptions are those who are saving way more than they can spend, and those folks are a minority, and even then, if they hate their work, they are taking a heck of a gamble.

I get into why that is in this chapter, and also cover a bit of the “Jon Reed keys to time management,” which are nitty gritty things that make a difference for me, and set the table for more powerful and advanced concepts about time that are to follow later in the book.

Download and subscription options: you can download (and subscribe to) all the chapters in the audio book (free) either in our iTunes store or with our audio book RSS feed.

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