FFCA Audiobook Post 10 – First Step: Create a Space for Your Project

For the Free From Corporate America complete audio book recording number 10, I taped “First Step: Create a Space for Your Book.” This chapter sprung out of my commitment to making this book ruthlessly practical, hopefully to make it more useful to folks who want to break the cycle of corporate dependence but are limited by time and money – the exact people who tend to be underserved by manipulative get rich quick schemes.

As I recorded this chapter, I realized there was a slight contradiction in my own story – advising readers that any space will do, but using an example where I wanted to use my dining table to start my own business and then got more ambitious by renting my own space – going against some of my advice on taking excessive “speculative” risks. In this case, I had no other lower risk options, so in that sense, I too the lowest risk that allowed me to move forward. Sometimes that’s how it goes.

Download and subscription options: you can download (and subscribe to) all the chapters in the audio book (free) either in our iTunes store or with our audio book RSS feed.

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