About My “Free From Corporate America” Bio Caricature

A couple of readers have asked me about the small caricature that appears on the top right of my web site. That pic is part of a bigger bio caricature that appears in my book, Free From Corporate America, which is now available on Amazon. The artist behind the caricature is the same, Rusty Johnson, who did the brilliant illustrations for my last book, Resumes from Hell. He also did a very funny caricature of me for that book also, in keeping with the book’s employment themes.

Rusty was once my volunteer Big Brother and his family and mine remain lifelong friends. It’s one of the handful of stories in my life that truly is a little magical. I thought web site visitors might enjoy a bigger version of that pic with the bio text just as it appears in the book, but this time in color:

If you want to contrast that bio with the last book’s, here’s Rusty’s caricature from that project:

If you’d like to see a better resolution version of this second illustration, check out the PDF version.

Want to buy Free From Corporate America or see reviews of the final published version from readers like yourself? The printed book is now available on Amazon.com with product reviews.

You can also get a discounted version of the final book in eBook (PDF) format, or you can pick up a copy on the Kindle. The published version of the book is significantly enhanced from the web version available on this site.

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